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Google Discussion Group

Use the Google Group. Let other users benefit from your question. In turn, you can benefit from the community's answers.

Please do not email me with general questions about how to use Circos without first posting to the group. I receive a lot of questions and it can take me a while to respond. Likely, I will just point you back to the tutorials.

If your image uses confidential data try to frame your question without having to upload the data itself. Alternatively, anonymize the data or generate a random data set that is similar to yours. If this is impossible, send an email and explain the issue clearly, following the steps below.

Posting a question

When you post your question please include all data and configuration files—don't forget to include the ideogram.conf, ticks.conf, and the karyotype file.

Please do not use absolute paths in your configuration files since these will not work on my system. Use relative paths. For more details see the best practices tutorial. You don't need to send me housekeeping.conf and other files that are included in the Circos distribution.

Also include the version of Circos

> circos -v
circos | v 0.69-5 | 2 May 2017 | Perl 5.010000

If you are having trouble running Circos, please post the exact command you ran, along with the full output. If Circos is running but taking a long time or you suspect something else is going wrong, run it with

> circos -debug

Using Circos in Publications

If you are close to publication, I am happy to help you with image design, configuration and data processing. Please contact me.

Using Circos in your Lab

If you would like to incorporate Circos into your analysis workflow, I am happy to work with you to get it installed and integrated.