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Download Circos, Tutorials and Tools

How is Circos distributed?

Circos is distribted in three independent archives: Circos core, tutorials and tools.

To do anything, you'll need the Circos core code distribution, which contains the main code, fonts, global configuration and an example. Neither the tutorials nor tools are included in this file.

To learn how to use circos, download the tutorials, which contain many examples to demonstrate Circos' features. These tutorials are also available online.

Several, utility add-on scripts are available, such as for bundling links. These are not necessary for Circos, but helpful in carrying out common data reduction and analysis tasks. Tools are described in the Tools Tutorial.

Bug reports

Please direct bug reports, comments and questions to the Circos Google group.

To help resolve the problem faster, send me your conf/data files. Do not forget to include all the files, including karyotype.


Circos and all associated materials are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.


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