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1 January 2013

Circos appears on the cover of Jan 2013 issue of Biotechnology Focus in an article about epigenetics.

Circos - Circular Genome Data Visualization (317 x 428)
29 April 2011

A Circos image appears as part of a spread in SFU's biannual AQ Magazine. The composite accompanies my photos of our laboratory and computer equipment.

The image was adapted from Figure 1 of our paper 1Jones SJ, Laskin J, Li YY et al. 2010 Evolution of an adenocarcinoma in response to selection by targeted kinase inhibitors Genome Biol 11:R82.

Circos in a spread in SFU
13 January 2011

Report on Business makes the connection between companies and perks in their January 2011 issue.

Circos on the cover of Report on Business (300 x 410)
22 July 2010

Deutsche Post DHL uses Circos in a printed advertisement for the Mail & Logistics Group.

Deutsche Post DHL uses Circos. (315 x 400)
12 April 2010

In collaboration with Wired, I created an infographic that illustrates the relationship between characters on the TV show Lost. The image appears in the 22 April 2010 issue of Wired.

Circos - Circular Genome Data Visualization (800 x 424)
2 April 2010

Circos images are used as visual signposts for bioinformatics and biological data analysis. The image below appears on a strategy document from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Harvard School of Public Health - Bioinformatics Core Strategy Document (500 x 684)
1 February 2009

Circos appears in presentation "Science as Lens" by Adam Bly, Seed's editor-in-chief. Adam writes "Science as a subject is extraordinary. There is no subject bigger, there is no subject more exciting, there's no subject changing our times more profoundly. Science as a lens is our future."

Circos in presentation by Adam Bly, Seed
11 November 2008

Working with NYT's Jonathan Corum, I created an image for the science section of the New York Times, to accompany an article on epigenomics.

New York Times - Circos - Mapping the Epigenome. (600 x 623)
1 October 2008

Circos images appear in the October 2008 issue of the German popular science magazine Geo.

Circos in Geo Magazine (688 x 447)
12 June 2008

American Scientist cover, which I created with Circos, wins Silver EXCEL Award in the Cover Illustration category from Society of National Association Publications (SNAP).

Circos - Circular Genome Data Visualization (150 x 184)

"The cover graphic is a dramatic visual representation of some of the chromosomal connections between the dog and human genomes," Schoonmaker said. "It helps readers understand how physical differences between dogs and humans, and between one dog and another, can be so large, even though they share much genetically." (more).

15 December 2007

Circos appears in a New York Times graphic "Naming Names" in the US Politics Section. Jonathan discusses how he used Circos in creating the image.

Circos in New York Times - Naming Names (400 x 295)

A large infographic appears in the Sunday edition (16 Dec 2007).

Circos in New York Times - Naming Names (400 x 560)

Images were prepared by Jonathan Corum and Farhana Hossain (NYT).

9 October 2007

An image created with Circos appears in the November issue of Conde Nast Portfolio, accompanying an article on personalized genome sequencing.

Circos in Conde Nast Portfolio (800 x 599)
9 August 2007

Circos appears on the cover of American Scientist (Sept/Oct issue). The image accompanies the article Genetics and the Shape of Dogs by Elaine Ostrander. Read about the figure.

Circos - Circular Genome Data Visualization (400 x 490)
10 August 2006

Circos appears in September 2006 issue of Seed Magazine. The image is part of Manuel Lima's article Look Around You: A Visual Exploration of Complex Networks. The image that shows the synteny between the mouse genome and human chromosome 1.

Circos in SEED (483 x 600)