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8 March 2013

In their 2012-2013 Global Market Forecast, Airbus uses a figure created by the Circos table viewer to visualize global migration patterns.

The image was originally generated by the UN Population division.

Region definition according to United Nations; Asia including Oceania, countries of the Middle East and countries of CIS, Europe including Russia. Source: United Nations Population division, International Migrant Stock

Circos in Airbus 2012-2013 Global Market Forecast. (600 x 415)
29 April 2011

A Circos image appears as part of a spread in SFU's biannual AQ Magazine. The composite accompanies my photos of our laboratory and computer equipment.

The image was adapted from Figure 1 of our paper 1Jones SJ, Laskin J, Li YY et al. 2010 Evolution of an adenocarcinoma in response to selection by targeted kinase inhibitors Genome Biol 11:R82.

Circos in a spread in SFU
12 April 2010

In collaboration with Wired, I created an infographic that illustrates the relationship between characters on the TV show Lost. The image appears in the 22 April 2010 issue of Wired.

Circos - Circular Genome Data Visualization (800 x 424)
11 November 2008

Working with NYT's Jonathan Corum, I created an image for the science section of the New York Times, to accompany an article on epigenomics.

New York Times - Circos - Mapping the Epigenome. (600 x 623)
15 December 2007

Circos appears in a New York Times graphic "Naming Names" in the US Politics Section. Jonathan discusses how he used Circos in creating the image.

Circos in New York Times - Naming Names (400 x 295)

A large infographic appears in the Sunday edition (16 Dec 2007).

Circos in New York Times - Naming Names (400 x 560)

Images were prepared by Jonathan Corum and Farhana Hossain (NYT).

23 November 2006

Circos appears in a New York Times graphic "Close up of the Genome, Species by Species by Species" in the NYT Science Section.

Circos in New York Times - Close up of the Genome, Species by Species by Species (400 x 370)