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Peruse the bag of sample images, or some posters. Another source of images are the Circos news section and published image section.

Visualizing Genomic Data

For an example of how Circos can be used in genomics, see the Guide to Use in Genomics and Sequence Analysis.

Circos is great for genomic data. Your genomic data! (600 x 415)
Circos has features that makes it ideal for drawing genomic information. Shown here are ChIP-Seq, chr 22 methylation, whole-genome methylation, multi-species comparison, human genome variation and self-similarity and MLL recombinome.

Visualizing Non-Genomic Data

For a tour of Circos features, see Visual Guide to Features and Applications.

For an example of how Circos can be used to visual tabular data, see the Guide to Creating Circular Layouts of Tabular Data.

Circos is great for general data. Your general data! (600 x 415)
Circos is suitable for showing any kind of relationships among data. Shown here are car purchase trends, chemical reactivity, and dating trends, among others.