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Visual Guide to Features of Circos

A visual guide to Circos (Circos — an information aesthetic for comparative genomics) presents some of the capabilities of Circos and illustrates its application in the field of comparative genomics and genome visualization.

Download: medium bitmap (7Mb) | huge bitmap (46Mb) | PDF (40Mb) | Illustrator (20Mb) (PDF and Illustrator files are very complex)

Circos — an information aesthetic for comparative genomics — presented at Genome Informatics 2008, Hinxton, UK (zoom).

The image in this poster has been used on the cover of The Embo Journal, as well as in the Science Express project.

13 May 2009 | The image from my Circos Visual Guide Poster was used for the cover of the Embo Journal
I am delighted and honoured to have Circos visualizations included as part of the Science Express project. Briefly, this is a public education effort lead by Max Planck institute to raise and foster science awareness and education to the public. The project is a 13 car train, lavishly repurposed into a rolling interactive science exhibition. For those of you who can't experience the project first-hand, there is a wonderful virtual tour. (zoom).