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8 — Axis Scaling

5. Overlapping Zoomed Regions

When overlapping zoom regions are defined, the zoom level at an ideogram position is taken to be the highest (in absolute terms) zoom of any overlapping regions.

For example, if you define the following regions

100-200Mb - 2x
150-180Mb - 3x
160-170Mb - 5x

then the net effect will be as if you defined

100-150Mb - 2x
150-160Mb - 3x
160-170Mb - 5x
170-180Mb - 3x
180-200Mb - 2x

The zoom precedence is defined by the absolute zoom level, which is taken to be max(scale,1/scale) For example, a scale of 0.1 (absolute zoom = 1/0.1 = 10x) overrides any zoom setting with an absolute zoom level smaller than 10x.