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Use the latest version of Circos and read Circos best practices—these list recent important changes and identify sources of common problems.

If you are having trouble, post your issue to the Circos Google Group and include all files and detailed error logs. Please do not email me directly unless it is urgent—you are much more likely to receive a timely reply from the group.

Don't know what question to ask? Read Points of View: Visualizing Biological Data by Bang Wong, myself and invited authors from the Points of View series.

12 — Circos Reference

1. Best Practices
2. API
3. Command Line Parameters
4. Configuration Structure and Syntax
5. <image> block
6. <ideogram> block
7. <link> block
8. <plot> block
9. <rule> block
10. <background> block
11. <axis> block
12. <color> block
13. <font> block
14. <patterns> block
15. <guide> block