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9 — Recipes

11. Heat Map Links

You can color links by an associated value to create a heatmap effect.

Heatmaps were discussed in 2d Tracks—Heatmap tutorial.

assigning value to links

At this time there is no way to associate a value with a link in the same way. However, you can subvert one of the link parameters to do so. For example, use a value parameter.

hs12 117427133 132349534 hs2 94056542 114056542 value=2
hs22 33232924 49691432 hs4 88399610 108399610 value=5

coloring links by value

Now that each link has a value, it's time to use it to set its color. Rules are used for this.

To reference the link's value, use var(value).

The first rule maps the "url" value onto a list of colors. In this example, the "url" value is in the range [0,4]. To map the value to a color, you will need to use an eval() block and write a Perl one-liner to sample a list. If the list contains entries that do not have a space (e.g. single word colors), you can use the qw() operator which turns words into a list.

qw(red orange green blue purple)

Perl's syntax to sample an element of a list is

( ...list here...)[i]

Combining these

(qw(red orange green blue purple))[i]

In this case the value of i is the value parameter, reference by var(value).


# always trigger this rule
condition  = 1
# use the link's value to sample from a list of colors
color      = eval((qw(red orange green blue purple))[ var(value) ])
# continue parsing other rules
flow       = continue

# always trigger this rule
condition  = 1
# add _a3 to the color of the ribbon, giving it 50% transparency (3/6)
color      = eval(sprintf("%s_a3",var(color)))