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4 — Highlights

9. Drawing on Top of Data

Highlights defined in <highlight> blocks are always drawn behind links, data, and grids.

In order to draw highlights on top of links, you need to use the <plot>.

type = highlight
file = data/3/chr.highlights.txt
r0   = 0.7r
r1   = 0.75r
z    = 10

The plot type must be set to type=highlight, with the rest of the syntax being the same as for the highlight block.

The z parameter in the <plot> block will define the layer, relative to other plots, on which the highlights will be drawn. Tracks with larger z are drawn on top of those with smaller z.

If you want to place the highlight within the ideogram, set the inner and outer track radii to

r0 = dims(ideogram,radius_inner)
r1 = dims(ideogram,radius_outer)

Plot blocks are discussed in detail in the 2D Data Tutorial. Briefly, these blocks are used to define and format 2D data plots such as scatter plots, histograms, and heatmaps.