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Circos at the EMBO NGS workshop in Tunis, Sept 15–25.

Circos Used in a David Cronenberg project about

In collaboration with Volumina, Circos was used to generate illustrations for Chromosomes exhibition, which toured in Rome, Turin and Lisbon.

Chromosomes is a David Cronenberg project which presents 70 images from his films, each accompanied by a text piece written by people from the world of art and science. I had the opportunity to contribute text to accompany the red bathtub photo.

The artbook is available for sale.

Dog vs Human Synteny Panel

The completion of the draft version of the dog genome revealed large overlaps between dog and human genomes. Working with American Scientist, Martin Krzywinski designed the cover image for the magazine's Sept/Oct 2007 issue, to accompany the article "Genetics and the Shape of Dogs" by Elaine Ostrander.

The panel shown here reveals the details in the structure of sequence similarity between each dog chromosome and the human genome (top) and each human chromosome and the dog genome (bottom).

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